Computer Repair

Computer service, just like a mechanic. We are qualified to assist you with all your maintenance and repair needs, we offer in home support and computer drop off service. We will provide honest accurate quotes for the job.

Call us ASAP to get fixed up if you:


  • are stuck with a virus or concerned your computer may be at risk
  • want your computer rebuilt to factory settings
  • need to recover or backup pictures and data
  • are concerned about your computers security
  • are unsure of software or hardware setup
  • need a wireless network setup and properly secured
  • need printing, scanning or any device setup
  • have ANY questions at all, we want to be of service to YOU.

We understand that not everyone is a computer whiz and speak to you in terms that you can understand. We believe in good proper advice; we never take advantage of our client’s knowledge. You should NEVER have to pay more then you need to.